7 inch embedded industrial monitor

  • OSCAN industrial monitor helps 3C fully automatic production line visualization upgrade
    Jul 11, 2024
    Project application requirements   With the rapid development of the 3C industry, the large market demand has made it urgent for enterprises to upgrade automated auxiliary material mounting equipment and production lines to solve the quality, efficiency and cost problems of mounting.   The efficient operation of the fully automatic auxiliary material mounting production line for mobile phones requires visual equipment for operation supervision and interactive control. Industrial displays are a good choice. When selecting, customers should pay attention to the hardware performance and durability of industrial displays, as well as the adaptability of displays in industrial environments.   OSCAN product solution   A 3C industry customer chose Oscan's 7 inch embedded industrial monitor to integrate with its auxiliary material mounting production line, showing excellent adaptability and compatibility.   3mm slim flat embedded design, cabinet versatile compatibility   Oscan's 15 inch flat screen industrial display is designed for cabinet equipment. Its outstanding appearance feature is the slim front panel design of only 3mm thickness, which is suitable for the embedded installation of the customer's auxiliary material mounting machine. The application is compact, beautiful, harmonious and regular.   10.1″-23.8″, ideal size and ratio selection   OSCAN has multiple specifications from 10.1 inches to 23.8 inches, supporting 16:10, 16:9, 4:3, 5:4 and multiple full and wide screens. Whether in terms of screen size or display ratio, there are rich adaptation solutions, which are easy to integrate with terminal devices of different sizes.   Smooth display and control interaction, enhanced screen performance upgrade   Equipped with Oscan's self-developed display driver board, it can automatically identify VGA/HDMI/DVI signals, support upgrades to high brightness, high resolution, full viewing angle and other enhanced screen performance, and can display key data and production progress of equipment operation in real time and from multiple angles, adapting to the complex environment of auxiliary material mounting site.   Multiple protections, 24-hour stable operation   Based on the careful consideration of equipment stability, OSCAN focuses on product details, HDMI/VGA/AV/BNC/USB full interface design, USB interface both can using as the touch interface, but also can using as the USB reader. Built-in 2x2w speakers, support SD card slot design, wide temperature (-10℃~60℃) and wide voltage (DC 12V-36V) operation, through waterproof and dustproof, anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-static, anti-vibration and anti-impact reliability tests, play an important role in improving the stability and efficiency of production lines.   OSCAN application empowerment   By matching OSCAN industrial-grade display, customers can achieve more intelligent and efficient non-standard equipment management, and visualization technology also brings about the improvement of production quality and process efficiency. Relying on strong R&D resources, OSCAN industrial control equipment has demonstrated unique advantages in hardware performance, personalized customization and technical support. Its product solutions and application benefits stand out in the field of industrial automation and have become the assured choice of many customers.

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